Smart Lens is an innovative solution for vision correction, involving the replacement of the natural lens in the eye, which loses flexibility and develops cataracts with age. This artificial lens allows for clear vision at various distances—near, intermediate, and far—eliminating the need for glasses.

What is Smart Lens?

Our eyes’ natural lens loses flexibility and develops cataracts as we age. Smart Lens, an artificial lens, replaces this aging natural lens, providing clear vision at various distances—near, intermediate, and far.

Who Can Benefit from Smart Lenses?

Candidates over 40 dealing with farsightedness or both near and farsightedness, seeking a life without glasses, are ideal candidates. Additionally, younger individuals with high prescription numbers or those post-eye laser surgery may consider Smart Lens therapy.

The Smart Lens Procedure

The procedure, taking about 10 minutes per eye on separate days, involves local anesthesia through drops, without the need for hospitalization or general anesthesia. Patients experience minimal discomfort, with the Smart Lens replacing the natural lens. Post-surgery, patients can typically see on the same day, and within a few days, the other eye undergoes the same procedure.

The Importance of Smart Lens

Smart Lenses offer clear vision across all distances, especially focusing on crucial intermediate ranges for tasks like computer usage or watching television. They serve as a permanent solution, ensuring sharp vision for various daily activities.

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