Almond Eye (Bella Eyes/Cat Eyes) Aesthetics

Almond eye or Canthoplasty, remains a popular choice in aesthetic interventions for reshaping eye contours and achieving a more lifted and rejuvenated appearance. It’s a cosmetic procedure designed to uplift and extend the outer edge of the eye, aiming to alter its appearance.

Purpose and Transformation

This aesthetic procedure targets the eye expression often associated with a tired or saddened look, typically characterized by a downward inclination of the lower lid. By reshaping the eye into an almond shape, it aims to eliminate the appearance of fatigue and sadness.

Methods of Almond Eye Aesthetics

  • Surgical Approach: In the surgical method, known for its permanent results, the outer edge of the eyelid (the outer canthus) is repositioned upwards and outwards. The procedure involves suturing the outer canthus to the bone membrane.
  • Temporary Organic Threads: Alternatively, almond eye aesthetics can be achieved temporarily using organic threads. Threads are inserted beneath the skin to lift and reposition the outer canthus upwards and outwards.

Procedure Variations and Effects

Surgical procedures offer a permanent transformation by securing the outer canthus to its new position.

Almond eye aesthetics with organic threads involve a temporary alteration, as the effectiveness of the threads depends on their absorption time within the body. The eye structure gradually returns to its original shape as the threads are absorbed.

Additional Insights

Almond eye aesthetics primarily focuses on altering the eye shape to create a more lifted appearance. It’s important to consult with a qualified professional to determine the most suitable method and understand the duration and potential effects of the chosen procedure.

Considerations and Aftercare

Before undergoing any procedure, discussions about expectations, potential outcomes, and any associated risks should take place. Additionally, post-procedure care might include instructions to ensure proper healing and maintenance of the altered eye shape.


Regarding almond eye aesthetics, it’s a cosmetic procedure growing in popularity, aiming to modify the shape of the eye for a more lifted appearance. While it can be achieved through surgical means or temporary use of threads, it’s crucial to consider the permanence, potential effects, and duration of the chosen method before opting for the procedure. Consulting with a professional is advisable to make an informed decision about undergoing almond eye aesthetics.

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